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Artisan TechniqueTM

Exclusive upgrade on Premium dentures and partials. This technique will allow the product to blend in with your patient’s appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly detailed characterized gingival shading with artisan festooning, rugae, and stippling
  • Characterized set-up to your specificity
  • IvoBase injected
  • Virtually indistinguishable from natural dentition

IvoBase Injector

Available exclusively on premium dentures only. IvoBase Injector permits a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization procedure of special PMMA resins that are coordinated with the system. The chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization.

Features & Benefits

  • Better fit
  • Less odor and staining
  • No increase in vertical dimension
  • Eliminates porosity associated with press/pack dentures
  • Stronger dentures resulting in less acrylic
  • Consistent results every time
  • Reduces costly chairside adjustments


If predictable results are a problem with your denture patients, consider the TEREC/ESP Denture System. This 4-appointment denture will provide you with outstanding results and reduces resets and remakes.

To learn more about the TEREC/ESP Denture System while earning CE credits, schedule an appointment for a Doctor & Staff Lunch ‘n Learn or Study Club meeting.

Features & Benefits

  • Better esthetics
  • Simple to use technique utilizing the Diagnostic Denture System (DDS) kit
  • Predictable results every time
  • Reduces resets and remakes
  • Provides your patients with the function and fit they deserve