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Cast Partials

Edmonds Premium Cast Partial

Fabricated with Wironium chrome cobalt alloy, which possesses the mechanical properties necessary for thinner, lighter, more comfortable removable partial dentures. The manufacturing process of Wironium alloy gives it the physical properties that allow the retentive clasp arm to be adjusted without fear of fracture, similar to that of a type IV gold. You can ask for Vitallium 2000 chrome cobalt alloy if you prefer.

Features & Benefits

  • More comfortable, precise fit
  • Virtually invisible clasp designs possible
  • Extremely thin and light-weight
  • Easily adjustable, without fear of fracture, yet high-tensile strength
  • Nickel- and beryllium-free
  • Limited lifetime warranty against breakage

Economy Cast Partials

Fabricated with a chrome cobalt alloy providing a strong biocompatible framework.

Features & Benefits

  • Nickel and beryllium-free
  • Great for patients with metal-specific allergies


Used when one or two tooth replacement is desired in a single quadrant, particularly where an abutment tooth (anterior or posterior) to the missing tooth/teeth is present.

Features & Benefits

  • The functional design offers replacement for one or two teeth
  • Eliminates the need to prep adjacent teeth for bridgework

Invisible Clasp Partial

Made from Wironium, where clasps are specially designed to engage tooth undercuts not in the esthetic zone. Superior in strength and tarnish resistant, the Wironium partial framework cast clasp allows the retentive clasp arm to be adjusted without fear of fracture.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior strength of a metal partial with the esthetics of a hybrid design
  • Stain and tarnish resistant
  • Thin, but can be adjusted without fear of fracture
  • More comfortable

Economy Hidden Bar Partial

A great lower cost, transitional partial design to be used in cases where adding additional teeth in the future due to poor oral health is likely.

The combination of the cast metal framework with acrylic provides enhanced stability because of the metal occlusal rests and the lingual rest seats, and it is indicated for free end-saddle cases

Features & Benefits

  • Cast rests, clasps, and mesh reinforcement for greater strength
  • Easy and less expensive to add teeth
  • Can be converted to full denture