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Intruder at Edmonds Dental Prosthetics

Intruder at Edmonds Dental Prosthetics

Intruder at Edmonds Dental Prosthetics

As you may have seen on the news, we had a scary situation at the lab today that was quickly resolved. The individual who entered the premises was not an employee but had worked for a company several years ago that Edmonds did business with. A firearm was involved although no shots were fired. The employees were asked to leave the premises during the situation, which allowed the opportunity for the intruder to be distracted and subdued prior to the police officers arrival.We are truly blessed that no one was hurt and that the situation was resolved very quickly. I want to thank all the employees at Edmonds for their quick response to exit the building and for the few employees that remained in the building that assisted in restraining the intruder.

Kind Regards, Steve

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