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Where’s the Quality Control?

Where’s the Quality Control?

Look in your case.

Edmonds recently learned we had a few issues with customer satisfaction. Steve Edmonds stopped this problem in its tracks because he truly believes in our “Quality you can trust” motto. He began brainstorming with other members in our company. The team decided a more thorough control process needed to be implemented.

Quality Control card sample

You will find this type of Quality Check card in every case.

Now we check each case repeatedly from start to finish. The department supervisor or manager approves the final review and inserts a QC card in the case. We will not ship cases without this card. If you receive a case without a card in it, please call us immediately. We sincerely hope this new process improves the experience you have with us. We want to successfully provide you with the quality you can trust, and assure you it comes from people who care.


Quality Control Letter

Steve sent a letter out to our active accounts regarding our new QC process. We wanted to share it with you. (Click on the image below to read.)












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