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Edmonds is Expanding

Edmonds is Expanding

Edmonds is Expanding!

History is an amazing thing to review. It allows us to see where we started, and where we are now. We are in the process of expanding our laboratory, which causes us to reflect back on the changes that took place to get us to this point.

Our history is no different. A family-owned and operated full-service dental laboratory started its life with Bob Edmonds. He owned and operated this lab for 3o years. Today, his son, Steve Edmonds, owns the operation.

In 1991, we moved into our current location on Woodland Street; we had a brand new 10,000 sq ft building. Ten years later we broke ground for our expansion of an additional 5,000 sq ft. It’s been 17 years since our last physical growth and for years we have been elbow to elbow. This February we are expanding our laboratory to the building across the street, adding an additional 7,300 sq ft to our offices and production floor.

Growth is a wonderful thing, and something you have to tend to constantly. Like a sapling, if you water it too much, it will be weak and possibly die; but given the right amount of water and loving care, it can grow into a beautiful Redwood tree. Well, our Redwood has strong solid roots and is growing again.

We appreciate all of our accounts for the years of business and friendship you have given us. You will still have the same dedicated specialists and artists committed to giving you the best service and quality products around.

Steve said it best in an internal letter last year: “All of us are part of a unique process that creates extensions/replacement parts of the human body called ‘prosthetics’ – this is what we do. Each case represents someone’s Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Grandmother, Grandfather. We will never lose sight of this.”

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