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Edmonds has ClearSync Clear Aligners

Edmonds has ClearSync Clear Aligners

ClearSync logo

ClearSync Aligner logo

ClearSync® Aligners

In 2018 we began creating our very own in-house brand of clear aligners. We spent several months researching and planning for this new endeavor. After careful consideration we decided to call our new product ClearSync®aligners.

The purpose of our ClearSync aligners is to provide our doctors with high quality clear aligners at a reasonable price for their patients. We strive for an outcome that leaves both the doctor and patient happy. Therefore, we design our clear aligners to straighten teeth efficiently, without the pain that comes with other methods such as braces.

Clear Aligners Step-By-Step

Once we receive the initial impression, a model will be fabricated and scanned into our system. At this point, we work with the doctor to develop a treatment plan. Prior to starting the manufacturing process, the doctor will review a proposal of the treatment plan. This helps determine the steps required to give the patient the smile he or she is looking to achieve.

Once the doctor approves the treatment plan, our skilled ortho technicians will carefully fabricate each caligner. They work to precisely match the transition models, ensuring the patient’s smile meets his or her expectations.

Our Purpose

At Edmonds Dental Prosthetics, we are devoted to improvement. We strive to expand our products, strengthen our skills, and perfect our service. Our ultimate goal, especially with every new change we introduce, is to provide you with what we know best. Quality you can trust, from people who care.


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