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BelaTek Encode Empowered Laboratory

BelaTek Encode Empowered Laboratory

Encode Empowered

Digital Dentistry advancements have led to the development of new, more beneficial implant encoding technology. One such advancement is the Biomet 3i Encode Impression System. This System benefits the surgeon, restorative clinician, and laboratory. It optimizes the workflow for the entire team. Edmonds Dental Prosthetics is proud to say we are now Encode Empowered.



  • Efficient, streamlined inter-office processes simplify the treatment process.
  • No parts to order, eliminating the need to stock components.
  • Increased patient satisfaction, because of easy and comfortable impression procedure.
  • Simpler and more efficient impressions.
  • Less chair time for patients.



  • No implant level impressions are required.
  • Minimized chair time, resulting in a simpler and quicker process.
  • Ability to restore the case in far fewer office visits.



  • Fewer steps in the treatment process, reducing overhead.
  • Reduced turnaround times.
  • Abutment material flexibility.
  • Cost effective milling options.



  • Minimized gingival trauma during the impression-taking process.
  • Helps preserve soft tissue.
  • A more aesthetic outcome.
  • Fewer visits to the dentist’s office.



  • An impression of the Encode Abutment and the opposing arch.
  • Bite registration.
  • Shade selection.


How an Encode Empowered Lab Benefits You

When implants were done in the past, there was an excessive amount of component interchanging. First, the dentist would remove the healing abutment. He would then place the impression coping after the soft tissue healed. Lastly, he would make the final impression and place the healing abutment again. The patient kept this in his/her mouth until the dentist was able to deliver the restoration. Consequently, the soft tissue was damaged because of excessive component interchanging. Not only that, the repeated swapping of components created more dentist visits, as well as more chairtime for the patient.

The Biomet 3i Encode Impression System produces anatomically designed patient specific abutments. These Encode Abutments are “encoded” with special markings that relay important information. Due to their design, the markings reveal implant size, hex-orientation, platform diameter, and interface. As a result, the laboratory can “read” this information when they receive the impression. This improves the efficiency of abutment design and milling. Furthermore, the dentist can insert the Encode Abutment into the patient’s mouth during surgery, where it stays until delivery of the final restoration.

Because of this, the dentist can work above the

BellaTek Encode Logoto restore implants. Therefore, the dentist does not need to exchange various parts, saving the soft tissue from unnecessary trauma. The Encode Impression System protects the mouth by reducing force applied to the implant, the soft tissue, and bone. This results in minimized gingival trauma and bone resorption, giving the patient a more comfortable chairside experience.


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