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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Screening for Oral Cancer

Those who attended our Women in Dentistry Symposium last October heard a beautiful speaker, Eva Grayzel. 18 years ago, Eva was diagnosed with Stage IV oral cancer. Because of this, she was given a 15% chance of survival. At the meeting, Eva was gracious enough to share her story with us. She then educated us on the importance of dental check-ups for oral health. She reminded us how so many individuals think a dental check-up is only about clean, pretty teeth. Most people don’t realize how important their time at the dentist is. While that is certainly a perk, it’s not the only reason to visit a dentist. Oral check-ups are incredibly important for our overall oral health. Dental visits should include a thorough oral cancer screening and a periodontal exam. By monitoring your patient’s oral health in more depth, you might just help save his/her life.

You are the first line of defense in detecting oral diseases. Don’t let these diseases go unnoticed in your patients. Are you screening your patients? The Oral Cancer Foundation has great information and support for the dental community.

Edmonds Dental Prosthetics continues to help support The Oral Cancer Foundation through their Women in Dentistry Symposium.

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