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Selfies May Improve Your Oral Health

Selfies May Improve Your Oral Health

Man In Pajamas Brushing Teeth And Using Mobile PhoneI am not a selfie person. If I take a selfie, it’s to ensure I don’t have anything between my teeth. Some people do enjoy selfies though. After reading a study that had participants film their tooth brushing at home, I might understand why. The participants used their smart phones to video themselves brushing their teeth. The goal was for them to learn to improve their oral healthcare techniques by watching themselves do it. The study showed an increase in the accuracy of brush strokes, an increase in the number of strokes, and an 8% improvement in their brushing skills; the length of time a person brushed did not change.

The findings from this research are showing that the selfie concept could be very useful to you and your patients.

Guess I will be taking a selfie video to show my dentist and have him point out what I am doing right and wrong. I’ll just have to be sure I wear my robe.

To read more about this study see the Article: Using smartphone video “selfies” to monitor change in toothbrushing behavior after a brief intervention: A pilot study, Parangimalai Diwakar Madan Kumar, Anusa Arunachalam Mohandoss, Theodore Walls, Thavarajah Rooban, Lance T Vernon, Indian Journal of Dental Research, doi: 10.4103/0970-9290.186241, published online 13 July 2016.


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