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Selfies May Improve Your Oral Health

Selfies May Improve Your Oral Health

Man In Pajamas Brushing Teeth And Using Mobile PhoneI am not a selfie person. If I take a selfie, it’s to ensure I don’t have anything between my teeth and my nose is clean. I am not the norm. However, after reading a study that had participants film their tooth brushing at home using their smart phone video “selfies” to see if participants could learn to improve their oral healthcare techniques, I may have to reconsider. The study showed an increase in the accuracy of brush strokes, an increase in the number of strokes, and an 8% improvement in their brushing skills; the length of time a person brushed did not change.

The findings from this research are showing that the selfie concept could be very useful to you and your patients.

Guess I will be taking a selfie video to show my dentist and have him point out what I am doing right and wrong. I’ll just have to be sure I wear my robe.

To read more about this study see the Article: Using smartphone video “selfies” to monitor change in toothbrushing behavior after a brief intervention: A pilot study, Parangimalai Diwakar Madan Kumar, Anusa Arunachalam Mohandoss, Theodore Walls, Thavarajah Rooban, Lance T Vernon, Indian Journal of Dental Research, doi: 10.4103/0970-9290.186241, published online 13 July 2016.


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