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Edmonds Announces the Winners of the 2017 Client Appreciation Giveaway

Edmonds Announces the Winners of the 2017 Client Appreciation Giveaway

Announcement of the 2017 Client Appreciation Giveaway

Edmonds Dental Prosthetics works daily with dentists to help them bring beautiful smiles to their patients. We love that we can be a part of the process. However, once in a while, we really enjoy trying to bring those same beautiful smiles to our doctors! Although it is in a different manner, it is just as rewarding. With that said, it is our pleasure to announce Dr. Karla Baltz and her assistant Stephanie Hicks are this year’s winners of our Client Appreciation Giveaway. Dr. Baltz has offices in both Pocahontas and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

The Giveaway began on June 1st and ran through the end of August with participants sending in one entry form with each case they sent us. We had just under 500 doctors’ offices participating. This was the second time Edmonds conducted a client appreciation giveaway; the first event ran in 2015.

Steve Edmonds turned the drawing into a family event this year with his granddaughter, Alex, drawing the winning names. As a result, Alex’s sweet laugh of enjoyment brought smiles to all of us watching. The best part of the entire giveaway is, of course, showing up at the winners’ door with balloons and posters. Alex was able to join Steve Edmonds and Paul Phillips in surprising Dr. Baltz and Stephanie on Tuesday, October 17th. View the video below to see Dr. Baltz’s awesome surprise reaction.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Client Appreciation Giveaway, and a special thank you to my granddaughter Alex for picking out the winning entry. We always enjoy the energy and competitive spirit that events like this bring out in our doctors and their staff, which tends to add some excitement to our summer months. Congratulations again to Dr. Karla Baltz and Stephanie for being this year’s winners,” said Steve Edmonds, owner and President of Edmonds Dental Prosthetics.

See the video for the entire event. Watch Video.

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